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Neurofeedback Appointment

Anxiety? Depression? ADD? Neurofeedback Can Help!

Neurofeedback Brain Training is a non-invasive and drug-free method of retraining brainwaves, which can improve or eliminate many neurological issues. These can include:

ADD, Autism & Learning Issues
Anxiety, Depression & PTSD
Concussion & Brain Injuries
Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
Chronic Pain & Fatigue
Memory Loss & Dementia
Strokes & Seizures
Addiction & Anger Management
Fibromyalgia & More!


Neurofeedback does not directly target conditions and symptoms…It corrects irregular brainwaves and modifies timing patterns in the brain. This is achieved through multiple neurofeedback sessions, where the brain is re-trained into making normal patterns. The result is an improvement in brain regulation, which then impacts a variety of symptoms.

Think of neurofeedback as driving a car on a freeway. If you steer outside of your lane, bad things can happen. Neurofeedback keeps your brainwaves in the proper lane and on track, where they are supposed to be. Brainwave patterns that are in normal ranges will result in better overall health.

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What Is Brain Mapping?

Learn more about brain mapping, an amazing, non-invasive new method of analyzing your brainwaves.

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  • thumb_lorna_rightI have tried just about everything offered to relieve the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Neurointegration Therapy has been by far the most effective. Not only did it reduce my pain by 95%, but it restored my sunny disposition so that I could actually enjoy life once again. For the first time I was being pulled out of the darkness and into wellness.–Lorna Riley “The most inexpensive therapy is the one that works!”

  • thumb_martinThe Clear Mind system has transformed my practice. Not only do we have patients fly in from other states, they fly in from other countries! Our results are outstanding. I would not believe it if I had not seen it myself. Nonverbal children have spoken, hundreds are off their dangerous medications and countless people have found hope. Everyone should get a brain map!–Dr. Jeremy Martin, DC