Step 1: Consultation

Please call (321) 444-6750 to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. O’Keefe.

This initial consultation typically requires about 20 minutes, which includes a discussion of the presenting problem(s) and a discussion about neurofeedback. From this initial consultation Dr. O’Keefe will develop a comprehensive plan that may include neurofeedback, supplements and if needed, other modalities.

Step 2: Brain Mapping

Make an appointment for a diagnostic Brain map (quantitative electroencephalogram or QEEG). This appointment typically requires about 45 minutes for the procedure.

Step 3: Test Results And Recommended Protocols

We will review and discuss your brain map and our customized neurofeedback protocols, including the number of sessions needed, neurological exercises and nutritional recommendations.

Step 4: Neurointegration / Neurofeedback Sessions

Neurointegration sessions are typically about 30 minutes in length. At the end of 20 sessions we May perform another brain map to document changes.



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